Tuesday, October 23

Buy Things!

Life making stuff with Victoria at RV Parties is always fun. We have lots of awesome ideas, some of which don't always pan out.  One of our recent great ideas: making platters.

I totally love the way it turned out! It matches this invitation which is pretty much my new favorite thing.  Making plates to match parties.  How could you not want custom plates and platters for your next shindig?  I'm collaborating with my friend Jenn to throw her son a monster party--and couldn't resist printing him this plate!  (Don't look, Jenn!)

I've been selling plates for over a year and they are a standard in our house.  I don't even use our other plates--we seriously eat off these for every meal.  They don't break.  They are the perfect size.  And they are pretty.  I recently printed some state plates for us because I didn't have any.  And obviously I needed some.

I have a booth at an upcoming holiday craft fair type thing and wanted to have a few different plate examples to display.  Vic and I are really excited--she's been printing cute paper goodies for me to sell while I stockpile plates.  I got a little square card reader to take credit card payments and some gray chevron fabric to make a table cloth.  It's safe to say we are going overboard.  But that's ok.  It's what we do best.

Go check out the shop if you need any plates for Christmas--they really do make awesome gifts!  Or if you have an awesome idea for a plate, send it my way!


  1. Ooops. I looked. But only because you told me to. I love it! Seriously. I'm literally pained waiting for the fabric and banner to come in! Also, I'm pretty sure the plate to match parties started with Henry's birthday last year, right? I'd start hinting that maybe a J should be added at the end of RV for my creative input and support-- but then you'd need a whole new theme because RVJ doesn't make sense.

  2. Also, I'm pretty sure we need state plates for ourselves now, too.


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