Friday, October 19

Instagram of September and half of October

Hi friends!  Welcome to the Instagram wrap up...

1// Braden He loves to be read to and he loves to read to himself.  Mostly a Thomas the Train book.
2// The first element of Finley's Halloween costume...
3// Desperately trying to occupy Braden so he won't rip off his eye patch.
4// Finley insisted on cleaning Braden.  Too cute.

1// I finally made Braden a bean bag.  You can guess which is which.
2// Thanks to all the Instagram voters who helped reassure me about buying this coat.  I LOVE IT.
3// F and I on one of many plane rides--both boys were so good!
4// Um, I really want to make a good Star Wars joke, but I know nothing about it. Sad.

1// After running 20 miles, I like to treat myself to the biggest Diet Coke and bag of ice at 7-11... and soaking in the tub with both.
2// I replaced the hard drive in my laptop ALL BY MYSELF.  Take that.
3// Baked and Wired--what got me through a 20 mile run was knowing it was waiting for me at the end.
4// Friends, there will be a Paper Source within 2 miles of my house in a month. Please contain your jealousy.

1// Em and I patchin' it up.
2// TARGET IS OPEN BY MY HOUSE! I want to move in.
3// Second piece of F's costume...
4// Braden is my buddy.

Let's be Instagram friends... I'm @solandrachel.


  1. I really wish Braden would be my buddy too.

  2. How do you make a bean bag?!? Love the pics. But we're I buddies already. xoxo

  3. I really like your shirt in Part 4, number 4. I would like to know where you got it. Thank you, in advance.

  4. Love the bean bags! Which pattern did you use? I just pinned the UP costumes- SO clever and super cute!


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