Monday, October 29

Finley, the Artist

I normally wait a month between Instagram recaps--but these pictures cracked me up too much not to share right away.  Finley is intermittently into coloring... most of the time he isn't interested.  But last night he really wanted to draw.  I think it's because he found a dry erase marker and that made it extra special.  First I caught him tracing his hand.

...kind of. Bad news Finley, Inigo Montoya is looking for you. Cracked me right up. And then he decided to draw a picture of him and then one of me.

PUNK. Please tell me that's not what I look like. I mean, he pretty much nailed my hair, but that's about it.  As he was drawing his mouth he (ironically!) told me he was going to have a happy mouth, implying he DOES understand what smiling is. And he told me I was going to have a rectangle mouth with teeth, a tongue and those dots are something about lemons.  I really didn't understand.  I was too busy trying to not die laughing. Good thing I don't have fragile self esteem...


  1. I laughed. Especially at the Princess Bride reference.

  2. I just do not know where that child gets that sense of humor.

  3. Looks pretty accurate to me. Reminds me of our paper plate painting portraits :)


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