Saturday, December 29

Christmas Card 2012

We've been in Arkansas with my family for the past five days--and every day we've either lost power or internet, due to the most snow Little Rock has seen in a long time!  Finley was delighted at all the snow, but it's cramped my internet style a bit.  And if I'm honest--it was nice for the break.  We played games and wore lots of layers and lit lots of candles.  A very memorable Christmas!

I wanted to share our Christmas card here--I went all out and designed a trifold card this year so I got SIX sides to play with.  I just couldn't pick a picture, so I used a ton.  Thanks to my pal Jenn for being my resident photographer! All pictures are hers.

This was the closest we got to everyone looking at the camera and smiling.  And it's not even that close. :)

The font ended up being super hard to read--due to its lightness and the linen texture of the paper.  Oh well.  You can read it easier here if you had a hard time with your card because you are as old as my dad.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and 2012!


  1. I love the font (and the pictures!) and notice you using it on many things you design. I'd like to download it so therefore I will need the name!

    Also, I just blogged/internetted/edited pics for the first time in a week. The break was amazing. But not something I plan to maintain... :)

    Miss you friend!!

  2. Oh Rach, I absolutely love it. Beautiful family, sweet words, perfect design. Can't wait to see it in person! Miss ya.

  3. Not surprising but so beautifully designed! Love it. Happy New Year!!

  4. I hard a time reading it and am not quite as old as your dad. But I see your point.


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