Thursday, December 20

Presents from Finley

If you are lucky (and under four) then you might be receiving a present from Finley this year.  One of the parts of Christmas he understands is GIVING gifts--which is exciting. He continues to ask for a bell for Christmas (thanks Polar Express!) which may be a step up from last year when he asked for a notebook and ONE crayon (thanks Blues Clues!)

He all of the sudden, without my prompting, decided to draw pictures for all his friends.  It was so interesting to watch his process--he had a very precise plan for these gifts.  He drew everyone a bunch of pictures and chose ONE to stick on the front of every gift.  

All of the sets of pictures include a drawing of a "pipe", a picture of him and his friend holding hands, and maybe their name if we are lucky.

He wanted them wrapped up very specifically--in paper, with a bow and tape. It was sweet.

That bottom one says Christmas, in case you can't read three year old writing.  I hope that I can find as much joy in gift giving as this little guy does!


  1. I really think he can't look at the camera. Like he just can't. Also, these are cute.

    1. He really can't. I think we are going to have to get him photography therapy, I think he just doesn't realize what his face is doing.

  2. Very sweet Rachel. It is wonderful to see the world through the eyes of a child. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The stick buddies are precious!!

  4. I think he hates the camera. On another note, I'm really enjoying your attention to "detail shots", Rach!!

  5. When Finley does really cute things like this, I find myself wanting to take credit for it even though I live 2,500 miles away and have no influence on this behavior. Is that weird? I love you Finley!!!!

  6. That is about as sweet as it gets. Have a very Merry Christmas!


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