Monday, January 7

All Aboard!

The boys favorite place in Little Rock is All Aboard--a restaurant that brings your food to your table via trains that run on tracks around the ceilings. Obviously they love it.  But not these boys--my boys.  These boys love physics, coding and playing Magic.  NERD ALERT!


While they both love the trains--BRADEN LOVES THE TRAIN IN ALL CAPS. ALL CAPS I SAY.  He loves it.  Loves it loves it loves it.


The second picture is one of my favorites--when he yells "ALL ABOARD!" he tries to cup his hand around his mouth like the conductor on Polar Express, but it ends up just being covering his mouth.  Precious.


Here's a teaser for the next set of posts: Braden's love of trains made our first day at the Magic Kingdom the worst day of his life.  Pictures and details to come.


  1. Taking a guess - Did Braden see the train at the very beginning and then want to spend the rest of the day on the train, which you could not do, so he cried the whole day? Or did you ride the train and he found it scary? Kids are silly.

    1. Yes. One of those is exactly what happened. :)

  2. Those boys are my favorite nerds!


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