Thursday, February 14


Happy Valentine's Day, fools! I mean, friends. I love you, friends.

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I thought I'd take some sweet pictures of the boys for Valentine's Day--I put them in their red "I choo-choo-choose Mommy" shirts and we were ready.  I stole this idea from one of my favorite blogs, although I swapped red trains for racecars. These first two pictures are him legitmately trying to smile.

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And then I sang a song about poop and he laughed. Ah, to be three.

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And taking pictures of the boys together went exactly as well as you'd think. Not well. They both were more interested in a cup or puzzle piece.

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So Happy Valentine's Day. What makes me extra happy today is that I don't have to make cute Pinterest-y treats for any little class--man that gives me anxiety. Some days I'm pretty sure it would have been easier to be a mom in the pre-Pin world where store bought Valentine's are the norm.

And if you are in the mood to love something today--go over to our FB page and enter to win a free plate!

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