Tuesday, February 19


Ten years ago, this chap and I went on our first real date. I think it involved Quizno's and a movie. Quizno's was the quickest way to my heart in my college days.

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To celebrate Valentine's Day, ten years, and the rare opportunity of having overnight childcare, I booked a surprise trip to Boston for Sol and I to get away for a night without kids. I'm sure you can guess what happened. Boston had an epic snowstorm--big enough to cancel my flights and hotel reservation. Luckily, canceling meant I got all my money back, so we made the much shorter trip into DC and ate a nice dinner and got to sleep in a room where there were no children needing us to take them to the bathroom or feed them. It was glorious.

Thanks to Sol for still loving me after ten years, and to Maya for watching our boys and letting them wear you out. Literally. And thanks to DC for coincidentally having restaurant week so we could eat delicious meals on the cheap. YAY!

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  1. How did we not know this? Today our dating anniversary too (16th)! Not the first date, but the official date. Glad to see that someone else celebrates dating anniversaries.

  2. Well since no one else has anything to say, I return! I love your outfit and I'm glad your hair is short. Besides you don't want it long. I need to cut mine off or find the time to straighten it. Ponytail again today. It's so hot in my office, I'm just barely able to handle it.

    And I just had to throw away my "school hair brush" because it was in THAT drawer. You know the one.


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