Wednesday, March 13

20 Weeks with Baby Tres

Well, I've become the girl who gets harassed about not blogging enough... so here's a post. It's about my belly.

Here's some things you should know about baby #3. Even though I'm only just halfway through the pregnancy, my mind thinks I'm 9 months pregnant. My sciatica is terrible, I feel like I'm huge and yet look in the mirror and somehow still think I'm pulling off "not pregnant." I've started having intermittent heartburn. Doesn't that make you want to have a baby? I'm sure it does.

 photo Blog-5503_zpse7247b55.jpg

I recently decided (and we'll see if I can actually do it) that I should stop running.  My achilles is still bothering me (FROM FIVE MONTHS AGO) even though I've only been running about once a week.  The benefit of pushing a jogging stroller extremely slow for three miles is probably less than the benefit of resting and being able to run well after this guy is born. So I think I'm going to continue going to the gym and watch Doctor Who on the elliptical... and maybe swim and do yoga. We'll see.

 photo Blog-5508_zpsafcb5d5c.jpg

Finley likes to brainstorm names with me and the only thing he is sure about is that the baby WON'T LIKE IT if we name him Goliath. But he would like David. Which won't work, since it's Finley's middle name.  Finley occasionally does some deep thinking about the baby, randomly letting me know that we need to get another car seat for the baby or asking me about the special X-Ray machine that lets us look at the little fellow.

 photo Blog-5513_zps4f69929f.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the selfies... I'm not holding myself to a standard of taking a belly shot every week... just whenever I'm harassed for one.  I did a decent job with Braden so I pretty much know where this pregnancy is headed. Also, there is nothing worse than trying to take a picture of yourself while pregnant. What do you do with your face? Should I pop my hip? Does this belly make me look fat? I don't care.


  1. THANKS for blogging. And I'm with Finley. Please do not name this baby Goliath. However, Victor is still okay with me.

  2. Always. Pop. Your. Hip.

    ... and an elbow.

  3. One of your biggest harassers here....I agree with Jenn: elbow on the hip will work wonders for the belly. Be sure to make a duck face and throw a peace sign every once in awhile.

  4. You are a pretty darn cute pregnant lady/self-portrait taker

    I definitely feel like I'm 9 months pregnant, but I also think I've had a huge belly since 10 weeks...Shannon was 9 pounds, I hope her brother is at least less than 10. ;)

    Excited to see more pictures!

  5. You honestly look amazing!! Beautiful family!

  6. If you hadn't said you were pregnant, I would have never known from these pics.

    1. I do tend to carry a watermelon under my shirt, so I see how you could be confused.


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