Tuesday, March 26

Megan's Nautical Baby Shower

Eventually you'll get to see pictures of the first party I threw in my wild attempt to distract myself from moving... but in the meantime, the second party I helped out with was a shower for my tiny friend Megan. Her baby girl's nursery is nautical themed so I threw together some decorations to match.  I didn't go a fraction as crazy as I normally do since I wasn't actually the hostess... I was trying to be somewhat normal. Which is hard for me. (Cupcakes courtesy of my photographer on call, Jenn, who might need to add baker to her resume!)

 photo 2013-03-25_0004_zps56f24ba5.jpg

The shower was a little unique for two reasons--first, Megan is an OB so over half of the ladies there were also OBs. So the baby thing isn't quite as magical to them since they pull small humans out of big humans on a daily basis.

 photo 2013-03-25_0005_zps892a229f.jpg

And second, the party included four of my high school friends. The rest of my high school friends all chipped in and we pretty much bought her every pumping item on her registry. Because we thought that was awesome.

 photo 2013-03-25_0006_zps7884201f.jpg

Can't wait to meet Megan's little girl!


  1. Did you tell Meg to wear pink? It's perfect for the shower!

    1. She kind of wears pink a lot--but I was SO HAPPY that she did this time! It looked bright and girly. Unlike my life...

  2. Meg, so glad you found a maternity shirt in your signature pink. I'm not sure you would have survived pregnancy otherwise.

  3. One, I love Kat's red lipstick. I want to try that look but somehow don't think it'll work on me. This might be because I tried it in college and Mike STILL talks about how I wore red lipstick to the bar (and not in a "holy hotness" sort of way). And two, that is the cutest bump ever!!! And three, love the party design. And four, I want a baby girl.


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