Friday, March 29

Moving Day

Victoria was here last week. Towards the end of the trip she started to get sentimental--the house we both lived in for two years would be sold soon and her reasons to visit DC would diminish. She kept asking me if I was sad--and I really wasn't. I figured I was too busy planning the boys' parties and distracted by the pregnancy and move to be sad. But pretty much as soon as I drove away from the airport, I cried. Because of all the sweet memories we have here--it's where Finley, RV Parties and Braden were born (in that order.) And a few other abandoned businesses (blog design and screenprinting...) As much as I sometimes complained about this area, I really do love it here. An hour after Victoria's plane took off, we finally got an offer accepted on a house. And the next day we had to take little Copper to the airport to fly and stay with Sol's parents while we are semi-homeless. Basically I cried for like two days. After the baby shower in Charlottesville and being surrounded with old friends, I started to feel a bit better.

 photo Blog-5901_zpsba849d7d.jpg
Virginia house on an overcast, grumpy day. With some weird stuff out front.

Yesterday, the moving company began packing up our stuff. Sol and I spent the last few nights trying to sort out what we'll need for the next few weeks (the boys and I will be living on air mattresses downstairs while the upstairs gets new floors and paint!) and what we'll need for the following month (the boys and I will be living with my parents in Little Rock). The fact that it was winter like yesterday and will be practically summer when we finally move in... and the fact that my body is rapidly expanding makes packing even more complicated. We are planning to close on our new house May 14. I turn THIRTY on May 17th, and told Sol that we needed a house by then. It's not ok to shack up with your parents when you are in your thirties. Oh, it hurts to say "my thirties."

 photo Blog-5873_zps71884f20.jpg
Pennsylvania house on a gorgeous sunny day. It's always sunny in Philadelphia, they say.

I am excited about our new house--it's nicer and bigger than anything we've had before. And it has a conservatory, and I've always wanted to conserve some stuff. I'm excited to replace some of our Craigslist furniture we bought 8 years ago and pick out things that I love. I'd also like to win the lottery soon so I can pick out things I REALLY love.

So, yesterday began the craziness that will hopefully end in the middle of May. I can't promise regular posts or really much of anything. But I'm sure I'll still be around posting things you just won't want to miss. Preview: Finley's Peter Pan Party and Braden's Train Bash!


  1. I don't feel like crying today, so I can't dwell here too long. But I did dwell here a long time. HA! Get it?!

  2. I remember crying as we moved from A to B, because I knew I would never love another place/people like I loved A. Same scenario when we left B, C, D, E......... Now, I am blessed with friends all over the country. I remember how emotionally hard moving is. Hugs, Rachel.

  3. Good luck with everything Rachel! Sounds like such a busy time on top of being pregnant. Your new house is gorgeous.


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