Friday, June 28

36 Weeks and 5 Days. (Not that I'm Counting...)

So we really like picking fruit at our Orchard.  We swung by after Finley's swim lessons to snag some peaches and they were delicious.  I also took this as an opportunity for Sol to take some pictures of this baby bump--although at some point calling it a "bump" is really no longer appropriate... it's bigger than a bump.

 photo Print-8903_zps8978122a.jpg

This was before I turned into a sweaty mess. It was hot. Let's see... baby update. Well, I have a new OB and this practice doesn't induce until 41 weeks. Not my favorite bit of news. I feel like I've had some contractions that might possibly maybe be real ones when I over exert myself--painting, lifting children, attempting to swim... So once my mom gets here I am going to swim until I sink. Or something.  Unlike the first two pregnancies, I have NOT been running.  And honestly, my feet have never looked better. They are soft and not gross. Well, a little gross.  Unfortunately, I haven't been swimming either--it's tough to get to the pool. This is only concerning because I'm signed up for the Philly marathon and apparently training started yesterday... I'm considering switching to the half or taking a run a mile/walk a mile approach, because I am confident I won't be in any shape to run it anything close to decently. And I'm ok with that (said like Michael Bluth.)

 photo Print-8907_zps5dcbd016.jpg

I just realized that they way these pictures above are put together, it looks like Braden is walking through them. Heh. Finley understands about the baby and likes to put his hands on my belly and feel the kicks.  And sometimes he tells me he'll protect me from the kicks. He's sweet. Braden will tell you there's a baby in there, but he is in for a rude awakening.  He just really loves me. And peaches.

 photo Print-8914_zps03fe410b.jpg

I'm feeling pretty good. The heartburn has gotten a little better. My back still hurts a lot from sciatica and just general life, but our new bed actually has helped me sleep a lot better. Our plan is to have the baby sleep in our "sitting room" when he gets here until he's sleeping well... and the boys will all shuffle rooms. Baby #3 will either move in with #2, or #2 will move in with #1. We shall see. Sadly, I've not allowed myself to make this fella any nursery bedding--just a quilt. I don't think he'll mind. I"m focusing my energies on having the house unpacked--I think that's probably of higher importance.

Anyways, we picked some peaches. And the boys (Sol included) couldn't keep their sticky hands off them.

 photo Print-8944_zps77974c9d.jpg

I love this smirk. And I really just love that we popped over after going to the pool--they still had wet pool hair.

 photo Print-8927_zpsbbc79860.jpg

They were both kind of smirky fellows.

 photo Print-8938_zpsf63268af.jpg

And this picture reminds me so much of Finley and Edmund two years ago--I love revisiting activities we've done before and seeing how much they've grown!

 photo Print-8929_zpsbf2176fc.jpg

We also were the only ones on the tractor.  Yay for Sol's weird schedule and picking fruit on random Thursdays.

 photo Print-8888_zpsc350490c.jpg

And a question for all you peachy people out there--what should we do with the peaches? I'm tempted to just do freezer jam because it's easy and yummy... but have considered a pie. Although I'm not sure I've ever made a pie. Maybe peach cobbler? Or freezing them and tossing them in the Vitamix to make some ice cream?


  1. So close!!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the new little one. You're beautiful! (and so are those boys)

  2. first of all. you are pretty. second of all, I know it is just the way Finley is sitting, but Braden looks bigger him in that photo of them sitting next to each other!

    lastly - we really like to grill peaches with cut up apple chicken sausages (adoulle's, or whatever). we toss them in olive oil and season them with thyme. yum yum.

  3. You look great! Thanks for doing things like this for me. And your memories and future children.

    I have to go put the boys to bed again. HOW DID I GET TRICKED?!

  4. Peach salsa...diced peaches, red onions, cilantro, sugar, jalapeños and lime juice, all to taste! Ha! Absolutely delicious plain, on a tortilla chip, fish tacos, etc, etc.!


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