Thursday, June 20

Copper's Home + The Doctor Is In

Copper had a lovely vacation with Sol's parents--and he came home to us a few weeks ago.  He's pretty much settled in and figured out the lay of the land.  We opted to get a new fangled wireless fence... which he's terrified of and is doing a great job of staying with us and not running away.  He's been a bit clingy since he's been home--probably because he thinks we're going to leave him again.  That's the only explanation for why he let Finley "play doctor" with him for a half an hour.

 photo Print-8376_zps47e80054.jpg

Whenever people ask me how Copper does with the boys, I always tell them he tolerates them.  He doesn't love them (I'm not entirely sure he loves anything--our running joke is that the French lady who used to walk Vic's dog Belle once said, "Belle... she is ok. But Copper... he is depressed." I claim that she actually said THE BEST but we'll never know.) Either way, he tends to tolerate the boys and when he's fed up with them he kind of harumphs away. I really think he says, "HARUMPH." as he walks away.

 photo Print-8385_zpsb519ee41.jpg

Finley's become much more of Copper's "master" since he's been home. I think this is partially because he is starting to understand Dug the Dog's relationship with Mr. Frederickson from UP. Thanks, UP. But he's very concerned about Copper running away and tries to get Copper to play with him more than he did before. Poor Copper actively tried to sleep through his examination.  Finley wouldn't have it.

 photo Print-8391_zpsb5559568.jpg

Obviously, a hair cut is one of the most important parts of any doctor visit.  Luckily, Finley did not inherit Sol's preferences on the length of Copper's hair.  I love how wary and then resigned to his fate Copper looks.

 photo Print-8398_zps4b977ed6.jpg

Here are my little doctors--wearing their Thomas the Train shirts. We're still deep in Thomas detox. Braden really isn't interested in watching the show--he just wants REAL THOMAS and tells me all the time that he hears Thomas and that Thomas is coming.  And cries a lot about Thomas.

 photo Print-8403_zpsa53ce9d8.jpg

For some reason he was in a silly silly mood for these pictures--which is pretty much how he is these days.  He's either giggling and being adorable or he's demanding Thomas and crying.  It's fun! TWO!

 photo Print-8424_zps25bdea3f.jpg

 photo Print-8450_zpsde442693.jpg

I told Sol this was Braden being a Southern Baptist and saying "PRAISE THE LORD!" but it's not. I wish it was.

 photo Print-8433_zpsffcd9a0b.jpg

And this may be the only instance of in between his highs and lows--sweetly doing something on the floor. With his curls.

 photo Print-8458_zpsa6f0d69c.jpg


  1. Thanks for the abundance of pictures! Adorable!

  2. I think the picture of Brady's curls should be framed. And Copper. Sweet doggie. Our cat does a similar thing. It'll sit there with it's ears perked while Henry smushes him... and then as soon as he can escape, he harumphs away too.

  3. Also, could you be loving your light-filled home any more??? :)

  4. HA! is Fin trying to look in Cooper's nostril? These pics are so fun. I love how he fell asleep with the cuff on his paw. B's curls are so sweet.

    1. Yep, he has to check all the holes in the head, obviously. Sometimes he's a very patient dog...

  5. Belle would NOT harumph away. She'd be delighted someone wanted to play with her.

    1. Although NEITHER of them want to play catch with a ball. Weirdos.

  6. This doctor play is the best.


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