Tuesday, June 18

Day Out With Thomas

Many months ago, I bought tickets to a Day Out With Thomas.  Thomas the Tank Engine tours around the country, bringing delight to lots of small children. It's ridiculous. We traveled out to Strasburg, PA--which is the middle (or maybe the edge, who knows) of Amish country. It was crazy to pass horse drawn carriages and see people farming with horse drawn plows. I wish we had more time to explore!

 photo Print-8319_zpsf6ad71f9.jpg

As you can probably guess, the boys loved it.  I was nervous about Braden because there's a direct correlation between how much he loves something and how much it makes him angry--and HE LOVES THOMAS. But he did really well. No screaming. In fact, in most of the pictures he looks like a zombie because he was so mesmerized by it all! We started off "meeting" Thomas--or taking a picture on a bench in front of him. I paid $18 for this ding dong dang picture because somehow, both of the boys looked at the camera and their hats weren't in their eyes. And I'm counting those as smiles. MIRACLE.

 photo 46611566-20130615110657110644423srrall23901THP1237B2PND-TNHH-ZCZC-HJMW7D23X_zpsaadd0760.jpg

And then we rode Thomas. And by "rode" I mean we sat in one of like 8 coaches that Thomas pulled and rode around for 20 minutes. The boys loved it.

 photo Print-8250_zps8df492f2.jpg

Braden kind of thought we were on the Polar Express and has been rather confused since then. He tells me several times a day, "Thomas is coming!" and I can't tell if we're pretending or not...

 photo Print-8198_zpsd85d8cc1.jpg

They really did have a good time. And I'm sure it was Sol's ideal pre-Father's Day activity. He obviously loves Thomas too.

 photo Print-8266_zps4b083f38.jpg

There were a few other activities as well--train tables, tattoos, movies and tons of stuff to buy--but the boys were pretty content to walk around and look at the trains. And they were somewhat willing participants when I made them sit on the train for pictures...

 photo Print-8279_zps4bf55442.jpg

The whole Strasburg Railroad area was pretty neat--there was a hotel where instead of renting rooms, you can spend the night in cabooses. That sounds almost as bad as camping to me--but I know two boys who would love it.  There was a toy train museum and a ton of stuff to do at the actual railroad. (Carrie, we should take all the boys!)

 photo Print-8275_zpsf0d1445d.jpg

And in case you want to watch a minute long video of Braden saying, "Tickets, please!" I posted it for you.  You are welcome or I am sorry, depending on which camp you fall in.


  1. I'm obviously in the camp that loved the video. Because it ALSO highlights that your son BTown gets really excited and says Mama mama and tells you things.

  2. Good thing you paid $8 for the photo so we know you were there too.

    1. I know right? Especially because my hair was behaving particularly well.

  3. Adorable! The video made my day! (and the fact that I heard from Dan and he is safely in Sao Carlos)

  4. yes. let's take them. sounds like a great idea. in fact, we should send all the boys to spend the night in the cabooses while we go to a spa.

  5. Love Braden's little cheeks. He looks like his Aunt Summer when she was little. We used to call her "Duckie" because those cheeks made her look like a little duckling. Adorable as always.

  6. Awww! The pics by the door!? LOVE them!!

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