Thursday, July 18

Optimus Finley

Back in February, Sol took the boys to the Dulles Air and Space Museum. Finley and his pal Edmund saw a clip from Transformers that was on a 30 second loop playing there--Finley had to be torn away from it.  And it automatically made him the reigning authority on Transformers.

 photo Print-9284_zpsa476ed29.jpg

He wanted to watch the movies. He told us he saw them driving. Everything kept transforming into other stuff. It was (and still is) ridiculous. Since them, we've let him watch parts of the movies and he's in HEAVEN. (Keep in mind, this child is afraid of Monsters Inc and parts of Veggie Tales... but NOT Transformers.) Whenever he asks me to watch them with him he promises to keep me safe because he's so brave. Somehow... we've ended up with quite the collection of Transformers. I'm not naming any names, but somebody found a bunch on Ebay and gave them to Finley and continued to fan the flames of this obsession. (Hint: it's the guy in the gray shirt watching Mickey and the Beanstalk.)

 photo Print-9295_zpsb746a8e5.jpg

Whenever we drive anywhere he makes "Transformer" sounds and when I ask him about it, he tells me it's not him--it's something behind our car.  He can sit and play with his Transformers indefinitely. He draws them all the time. He talks about them all the time. He's pretty much smitten.

Here's a video of him being Optimus Prime. It's long. And the middle is boring.  The last minute is funny because I finally get him to talk to me and the first minute is entertaining--watching him scoot around and "transform." Also, his nose was randomly bloody that day. Weird.

And not to leave out my cuddly guy Braden--he was wiped out last night from some serious fun at the pool and choosing to NOT take a nap. I couldn't get over the laying on the couch. I'm not sure why I found it so adorable, but I did. Probably because I'm his mom and I think his poop is adorable.

 photo Print-9271_zps4eda9884.jpg

Also, please ignore the "pillows." I was trying decide what pillows to make, so there's random fabric wrapped around pillows all over the couch.  They'll definitely be made before the baby gets here, don't worry. If there's one thing babies need, it's decorative pillows on the sectional.

 photo Print-9248_zpsf05aecb6.jpg

Quick baby update: he is due July 28. He kicks me a lot. My mom gets here Sunday just in case I go into labor on my own (HA!) and I'm still hoping they'll induce me at 40 weeks. I found out today my platelet count is low, which means I might not be able to get an epidural. Not awesome. Finley can't wait to meet the baby. Braden... oh that sweet boy. He doesn't know what he's in for. When I asked him if he was ready for bed a few nights ago he said, "Need to cuddle with mama." So we cuddled on the bed for like 20 seconds and he said, "Thanks mom." and went to bed. I hope he loves the baby as much as he loves me.


  1. Interesting that transformers talk is a whisper. I did not know that. :-) Adorable.

  2. FYI - I was logged into dad's computer, so it credited him with my comment.'s from mom.

    1. I'll pretend one is from you and one is from dad. It's kind of a growl/whisper?

  3. MAN. I can't wait to sit on that sectional and watch Mickey and the Beanstalk with Sol.

    1. Spoiler alert: Mickey defeats the giant. And Sol falls asleep.

  4. Whoops! Looks like Sol's hobby of supply is keeping up with Finley's obsessive demand. Classic supply chain management learned at age 4. And Brady is picking up on the "I love couches" theme his Grandpa S sports. It's a mad, mad men's world!


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