Thursday, July 11

Peter Pan vs Captain Hook

Our house has a playroom. Technically, it's called a conservatory, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be conserving in there, so currently it's conserving toys and mess.  These pictures and video are from almost a month ago, so the room looks considerably different now... but one of the highlights (in my opinion) is a corner of the room with all their costume-y things to play with.  This day, we were playing Peter Pan.

 photo Print-8496_zpsb3313193.jpg

The best part of this is obviously that Braden is wearing half of his Captain Hook costume (no hat or hook) but he is wearing his Mickey ears and carrying Mr. Fredericksen's cane. Obviously. And Copper let me dress him as Nana for like five minutes.

 photo Print-8490_zpsc2326d9d.jpg

Finley loves to wear his costume for like ten minutes, tops. The hat has a hard time staying on and the shirt is felt. Not comfy. But have you ever seen a skinnier or cuter Peter Pan? Probably not.

 photo Print-8480_zpse458cd90.jpg

This child. We need to also have a talk about how to safely wield a sword. You'd think that not holding a sword by the blade would be innate knowledge... but you'd be wrong. Also he's wearing his swimming shoes. Please tell me what this all means.

 photo Print-8498_zpsb5f20a1f.jpg

And now for some of the most lackluster sword fighting you will ever see.  I mostly love these videos because I love being able to go back and listen to their little voices. I love the way Braden says "sword" and "treasure chest." It's like there are just too many letters for his little mouth.

Them saying "TAKE THAT!" to each other just cracks me up. But I'm their mom, so that makes sense.

I hope you find someone to sword fight with today.


  1. Love those boys! Braden is going to have an eclectic sense of style when he is older! :)

  2. Finley is so articulate now! It was cute watching them play for you!

    1. I know! It's crazy to listen to him. Record Cedric often, you'll love to look back on it! Braden is actually really articulate too, I'm just the only one who knows what he's saying. :)


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