Monday, July 8

Fourth of July

By now I know that if you don't blog about what you did on the Fourth of July, your blog gets shut down. It's serious. Here's last year, 2011, 2010 and 2009. The best part is just looking at my hair. Actually that's the funniest part. The best part is seeing the boys get bigger.  We spent this Fourth with Sol's parents--it was nice to have an extra set of hands to keep the boys safe!

 photo Print-9141_zpsaac746e9.jpg

I was nervous about letting Finley do sparklers, but of course he got to after an extensive safety training seminar.  Here's him practicing, looking a bit like he's going to cast a spell on us. EXPELIARMUS! Or something.

 photo Print-9064_zpseb974a64.jpg

He was super cautious and nervous at first and would't move his arm--but then he moved on to drawing shapes and letters.

 photo Print-9081_zpsfcee6d09.jpg

So proud.  There's nothing like Instagram to make you instantly feel like you aren't doing the Fourth right--after scrolling through pictures of kids staying up until it was dark and enjoying the fireworks I felt pretty bad I sent Finley to bed at 8:30. But then we had massive meltdowns the next day and I was glad I didn't let him stay up later! It would have been fun to go to a big fireworks display... but it wasn't worth it.  Maybe in like eight years.

 photo Print-9093_zps0f6f27d0.jpg

Sol set off a few very small fireworks in the driveway--Finley was really nervous they were going to be loud. They weren't.

 photo Print-9113_zps8d215d40.jpg

And Braden stood right there beside me the whole time. Stoically. Silently. The only thing he'd do is say sweetly, "One more!" after the firework would fizzle out. Cutie.  And do you see Finley almost smiling for the camera? He caught me taking pictures of him watching the show and SMILED.

 photo Print-9127_zps620c7e8b.jpg


  1. did he actually go to sleep at 8:30? the only reason our kids were up till 10 was because it was LOUD by our house and they wouldn't have actually gone to sleep!

    1. He did! The night before was actually a lot louder--but he was wiped out from all the fun with grandparents... so he pretty much just crashed.

  2. Love the picture of all of you together!

  3. I'm a blast. That's what his shirt says. Hilarious. can't believe you're still getting away with dressing him as much as you are.

  4. The shirt has a rocket on it--he wants to wear it every day! But in general, I have no idea why he'll let me pick out his clothes still. (Don't tell him he has another choice.)


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