Friday, July 6

28mm and Our Fourth

Did you know you can rent lenses?  Well you can. I've been itching to try out a 28mm lens for my Canon for quite awhile now and decided that visiting Vic in KC was a good enough reason to rent one.

Who is making the crazier face?

Do not try to get in between Braden and his food.

It was a little difficult getting the lens--the company was very serious about making sure I was a legit person because I was shipping it to KS but lived in VA.  After trying to give them my Etsy business and school email, I eventually had to talk to my new BFF Jon on the phone before they were able to verify me.

And then we missed the delivery on Friday and had to wait until Monday to get it.  But believe me, we LOVED it.

Perplexed about the fireworks.

We've been strong advocates of the 50mm lens for quite awhile.  I've convinced many a Canon Rebel owner to buy it and they've all been thrilled.  The benefit of the 50mm lens is that it has a lower f-stop, which lets in more light.  It's great for shooting indoors without a flash and gives you the pretty blurry backgrounds that are so popular these days.  This is the original 50mm I bought and then broke--then I replaced it with this sturdier one.  Which I also broke, but Canon kindly fixed it.

However, it's pretty zoomed in.  It's a fixed lens, so it doesn't zoom in and out.  So if you want a bigger shot, you have to WALK backwards to get more in the shot.  The 28mm does all the stuff I talked about with the 50mm but is a little wider.

It's perfect for a lot of stuff.  Vic and I loved it.  I mean I love LOVE it.  If you have a 50mm then you realize how nice it would be to just be a little more zoomed out.  I think if I had the 28mm forever I would still probably use the 50mm a little more, but there are plenty of situations where the 28 would be the best option.  I'm so glad I rented it because now I know I want it for sure--and have a good reason to save my Etsy money.

So that's what I think about the lens.  And those are our pictures from the fourth.  Hope yours was as patriotic and perfect as possible.


  1. I love Sweetwater and the 28mm. This lens goes on my "big dreams" list. I still think I would recommend the 50mm to people because of the price point. Unless I was actually CONVINCED that someone would use it.

  2. Dinah was nursing/fussing then turned around and saw the 2 pictures of the boys and did a double-take, like "I know those dudes..."


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