Tuesday, July 3

KC Recap

Photos were a little sporadic during our time in KC--but here are a few highlights from our time.

We went on a tour of Shatto Dairy Farm and it was incredible.  I learned lots of awesome milk trivia and got to taste a bunch of different flavors.  Coffee was by far my favorite--it tasted like a delicious bottled Frappucino. YUM.  The highlight for Finley was milking a cow.  He was SO excited. 

We did a solid job of getting some pictures with me in them at the farm, thanks to my trusty photographer VIC.

The highlight for me was getting to drive down with Vic, Alison and our three babies.  It was a full car but it was so great to have some time to catch up without chasing children!

The other fun party of the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead (aside from the pony ride) was the multitude of GOATS. Finley loved this little goat. We named him Patches.

We also loved getting to spend time with a bunch of my sorority sisters and their kiddos!

We went to Kaleidescope (an crafty kids exploration center) and Finley's favorite part was this airplane that looked like it crashed into a window.  He did tons of cool activities but was just really impressed by this window.

The boys also LOVED all the toys at the house.  Many many retro toys from our childhood.

And Braden loved climbing--up and down the stairs and on the furniture.  Mischievous little fellow.

And Vic and I did fun things like wear matchy outfits and go get tapas, make sugar cookies and spend time on our laptops.  Pretty much par for the course.


  1. I don't hate any of these photos.

  2. Also, that wasn't Barbara. It's Tori on my Mom's computer.

  3. Now I know you're not a fashion blogger, but it's a crime to wear cute polka dotted shorts like that and not say where they're from! I want those!

    1. Shea, I was thinking the same thing.

      Rachel: You always have the cutest shorts! Now tell us where you get them. :)

    2. J. Crew Outlet,, but last season. Sorry ladies!

  4. Fun times at Barbara's, yes?


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