Tuesday, August 27

Finley's First Sleepover

Finley's buddy Edmund and his family visited for the weekend--and to say it was exciting is a big understatement.  We let Finley and Edmund sleep in his room together--and Finley insisted on sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag with Edmund.

There's nothing that makes you feel like a REAL parent quite like having to tell your kids to stop talking and go to sleep during a sleepover. TWO HOURS. It took us two hours to get them to go to sleep. The first time I went up to check on them, they were using the light on Finley's clock to "read" a book together. The night ended with them (and by them, I'm pretty sure it was just Finley) barricading the door shut with a table and chair so that they could play. In the dark. At 10:30.

 photo Print-0565_zps07f29bb3.jpg

Here's a video of their shenanigans--Finley finally realizes I'm taping him towards the end.  It's a darling video--they are using the light on the clock to do "experiments."

And the next day? Oh they were a mess. We dragged them to the zoo where they whined and wanted to be carried or ride in the stroller. Tired, tired boys!  The next night, Sol sat in the room with them until they fell asleep. Lesson learned.


  1. This will forever be a treasured memory. Move back to Virginia and stay so it is easier to visit please.

  2. I bet they had a great time together! It's so fun to see your children having adventures with their pals.


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