Friday, August 30

The Butterflies

Once upon a time, we got some caterpillars in the mail, and we grew them into butterflies.  They were ready to be released a few days after Keaton was born. Finley had loved the whole process and was excited to see them go. A few hours after we let them go--MELTDOWN. He told us they were his favorite butterflies and he wanted them to come back.  Our obvious solution--buy another set of caterpillars.  (I attribute most of the meltdown to the stress of Keaton... I think he was blaming it on the butterflies. Poor babe.)

 photo Print-0257_zpse4bb9464.jpg

I documented it the second time around. And for the record, I think the whole process is gross. We bought a little kit of caterpillars that comes with a habitat on Amazon. After you get your kit, you actually have to send away separately for the caterpillars since they are shipped live from the... farm?

 photo Print-0251_zps27e4f4bb.jpg

They start off little half inch bugs--and turn into massive huge GROSS caterpillars. Who fill their cup with poop. Yuck.

 photo Print-0313_zpse888bf7f.jpg

Eventually they make little chrysalises and you transfer them to the net. And then they mysteriously break out.  Out of these ten butterflies, we didn't catch a SINGLE on busting out. And we tried!

 photo Print-0349_zpsfadcc8a9.jpg

You are supposed to feed them fruit or sugar water... and we really didn't take great care of them.  You can see a dead one to the right of the bowl. Whoops.

 photo Print-0821_zpse31a69f4.jpg

Letting them go the second time around was ADORABLE. For someone who was traumatized by it the first time, Finley didn't mind at all this time. And Braden--he loved it.

 photo Print-0866_zps08ac7509.jpg

No pants on B courtesy of potty training.

 photo Print-0871_zpsc9a75928.jpg

This butterfly flew away and came back to land on Mama Monkey's head. Finley thought that was hilarious.

 photo Print-0858_zps8d6eb198.jpg

And the BEST/longest part... here are three videos I took of them letting the butterflies go.  I couldn't choose between them because Braden is pretty much chatting and being entertaining in all of them.  And it's just so funny to hear him talk. Enjoy.


  1. Can't watch - in a meeting - but good news I can hear Brady talk tomorrow.

  2. What an experience! FR and I went to a Butterfly Festival at Powell Gardens. She was not as amused as Finley and Braden.

  3. You have some seriously cute kids! Those videos were adorable.

    And I just hopped over here out of my Feedly to leave this comment and noticed your different design. Love it!

    1. Yay thanks! I was proud of including Keaton in the header so quickly... :) Not near as fancy as your new design!

  4. I had to run home for lunch, so I could watch the videos. So Darling and much much better outcome than last time!!!

  5. I seriously want a transcript of those videos. Brady's commentary and Finley's "Mr. Snickers" crack me up..3,2,1 /3,2,1/3,2,1 and NeeNee the butterfly. The stuff of imagination.

  6. Omg. I just laughed so loud about the dead butterfly that Mike asked me what the heck I was doing. And then I also explained PALT which caused me to laugh out loud a few minutes prior.

    We had those catepillar thingees when C was 4, too.

  7. Come here little butterfly! Oh Braden's voice is so darn cute! Love the videos Rachel!!


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