Tuesday, August 20

Home Alone

After four weeks of help from my mom and Sol's mom, I'm home alone.  Well, kind of.  There are these three boys here with me.  Yesterday was my first day solo, and I'm happy to report that we survived. The bulk of the crying for the day came from a certain four year old who did not understand why I wouldn't make him a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, yogurt, granola, oatmeal and fresh squeezed orange juice. With a strawberry. With the stem cut off. Apparently, negative one point for me.

 photo Print-0430_zps148060a5.jpg

Sol's working from 7am to 3pm this week--which is a pretty good way to start off.  The boys were all generally happy--and Finley and Braden did their own special version of wrestling, which mostly involved laying on each other.

 photo Print-0368_zps9e1cef5c.jpg

ALSO. THE HAIR. We took them for hair cuts as soon as Sol got home.  I fully intended to cut it before Keaton but then... Keaton came.

 photo Print-0410_zps534bcbbe.jpg

Braden was much clingier when it was just me home with him--when he saw me carrying Keaton he either said, "CARRY ME!" or "I NEED TO PEE ON THE POTTY!" or "I WANT TO HOLD KEATON!" The second two were never true. I kind of tricked Finley into loving Keaton--by telling him Keaton really likes to be tickled.  Whatever works.

 photo Print-0420_zps356fcd06.jpg


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  2. Well, when I get there, Finn and I can have that for breakfast because THAT SOUNDS DELICIOUS.

    1. I mean, it all sounds good... over the course of a whole day! Not one meal, FINN.

  3. I am still deep in the throes of cute boy withdrawal! Thanks for the abundance of pictures - that helped.

  4. Rach, you are a brave woman. And a good mama. Glad day one went well!

  5. OOps! Meant to redo my post. Congrats! By now it is day 2 going solo. Looks like you are into the swing of things. I'm impressed that you have time to blog about it!


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