Friday, August 16

Keaton, Every Month

The cool thing to do is to photograph your kiddo every month for the first year of their life. And if you spend much time on Pinterest, you'll find LOTS of cute ideas for how to do that.  For little Keaton, I have two little shots I'm going to attempt to get every month.  First--a picture on each month's calendar page.  This big calendar was a sweet gift from Vic and her mom--and if Keaton had held on a little longer, it would have worked out perfectly... unfortunately, the calendar starts in August, so he doesn't have an official zero month picture on July 2013. Just this fake one on next year's page. Oh well!

 photo Print-0231_zpsee20a172.jpg

And because we bought these awesome chairs, he gets to pose on the chair every month too.  That second picture kills me--I feel like he's preparing to interview me!

 photo Print-0012_zpsc25cc20b.jpg

These were taken a few days later, so the lighting is a bit different. But he's just as cute. If not cuter? Is that possible?

 photo Print-0204_zps62c6ac3c.jpg

I can't wait to watch this guy grow up--and at the same time I don't want him to grow at all.

 photo Print-0201_zpsb784d6e6.jpg


  1. What an absolutely precious baby boy! Those chairs are to die for but when it comes to cuteness, baby Keaton > chairs :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I can't wait to see him get so big and squirrely on the calendar.

  3. Sometimes I think our kids will look back on all these crazy things we do to them and tell us, "Mom, you're out of control." That or they will TOTALLY up the ante and being doing crazier cool things with their kids ;)

    1. Maybe they'll think its totally normal by that point... here's hoping they don't look back and think I'm crazy!

  4. Love that calendar! What brand is it :)
    Cutie little guy, so precious. Hope PA is great!


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