Friday, October 4

Keaton, the Businessman

Keaton has very few things that are his own--this tie onesie is one of them. My sweet friend Kate made it for him. If he could have gotten up on his own, I think he would have grabbed his briefcase and been off to work.

Print 2007

I love how expressive his little face is getting! The sweet smiles are so rewarding--and his big, wide eyes crack me up.


  1. Bottom left pic is my favorite. I mean, I think he looks like your other boys but also looks like HIS OWN DUDE.

  2. So cute!!!!! Love that sweet, sweet face! :)

  3. I want to sew some of those onesies! Would you believe that I used to sew men's ties, back in the 70's? They were very nice.


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