Friday, November 15

I don't really understand how to use GIFs

First off--Braden's surgery went well! Yesterday had its ups and downs--he was pretty confused coming out of anesthesia and would say, "Help, eyes!" Which was pretty heartbreaking. But currently he's eating a waffle and climbing on the table, so we're doing pretty good.

So. I'm always impressed and entertained when people write posts and use GIFs. I'm not going to pretend to understand how to use them correctly. But I'm going to use some anyways... because Sol and I went to the Justin Timberlake concert. And even though we were pretty close to the stage, we don't have any amazing photos or videos to share. Although here's a picture of us. You can totally tell we are at the concert, right?

I think we kind of loved it for different reasons--Sol was hoping that someone would recognize his God given dancing skillz and offer him a job as a back up dancer. And I just liked to watch things like this happen:

Vic shares our enthusiasm for JT--he just seems like a fun guy. And relatively smart. I love watching him on Fallon or SNL or like anywhere. We were hoping for some of this:

Or this:

But it did not pan out.  Either way, it was a fabulous concert--and well deserved by us. It was our first time to leave the kids with a baby sitter since we moved to PA--so we went ahead and went big. We were about 14 rows back. So almost uncomfortably close to Mr. Timberlake. We were maybe a little old to be there--it was a lot of 20-something girls. And two awkward middle school boys beside us. But seriously, we had so much fun. We can't ever go to another concert because I'm not sure how it would compete. Basically, at the end of the concert JT was pretty much like this:

And we felt like this:

So there you go. Some GIFs.


  1. Well, I'm probably your target audience and I LOVED THIS POST. The finale with Doctor Who was the best part.

    1. Yeah... I thought you might be the only one who appreciated it. I'm mostly proud that your recognized the Doctor!

    2. Really, you thought Vic "might be the only one who appreciated it"? Come on now. What is the story on that anyway, did Vic ever get sucked in and did you ever see the second half of season 7?

      On a side note, loved the post. I was going to say that before I saw Victoria say it first.

    3. I feel like GIFs are for a special subset of the internet... I should have added that you would obviously appreciate DT. I thought I emailed you about it! I'll email again now. I did finish and am confused about John Hurt.

    4. I decided to let Doctor Who be a special "Christina and Rachel" thing. We don't all have to love ALL the same things.

  2. Excellent use of GIFs.

    And I am right there with you about JT. He's so talented and funny. Aaron and I drop everything to watch him on SNL or Fallon. And um...he's cute too. I'm one of those twenty somethings you speak of. But the later twenties with five years of marriage under her belt and a pinched nerve in her back that makes me not feel so much like an immature teeny bopper drooling over JT. Even though I am. ;)

    1. He's so cute. Luckily, I'm pretty sure Sol agrees so I can safely say that. And if you would have worn a shirt that covered your entire stomach, you are NOT one of those twenty somethings! You totally need to go if he makes it to Houston!


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