Wednesday, November 13

Braden's Eye

You may recall from about a year ago--we've been working to get Braden's eyes corrected. He has intermittent exotropia, so his right eye tends to wander out frequently. We tried patching, drops and not patching--and nothing really helped.

 photo Print-3178_zpsfe28fa0a.jpg

So the little guy is having surgery tomorrow (Thursday) to correct it. It's sad and scary--I wish I could explain to him what's going on, but it's probably better that he has no idea. We've been told it's fairly simple--about an hour long procedure. They said most kids are back to their regular selves the next day, so we're hoping he rebounds quickly.

 photo Print-0715_zpsddf73d34.jpg

I'm also hoping it improves his overall demeanor. He's quite a passionate fellow and tends to get frustrated when things don't go his way, so I'm hoping some of that will get better when his eyes work correctly. I have to hope for something.

 photo Print-2978_zps02598849.jpg

So if you think of us, say a prayer--that Sol and I would not be terrified and that neither would Braden. We've been told the anesthesia has an amnesia effect, so hopefully he won't remember much of it. Finley had surgery on his Achilles when he was about three months old (before I felt the need to blog about ev.ery.thing) and it was just scary and sad. So please pray for our boy! We're looking forward to him being able to look at us with both eyes!


  1. Such wonderful pictures of him! Prayers from all who love you will be abundant and surround team Braden tomorrow.

  2. He's a doll baby. And I'm hoping it all goes well and is a success!

  3. Thinking about you guys - what a sweetheart!

  4. Good luck tomorrow, let us know how it goes!

  5. Hope the operation goes quickly for you and Sol. Thanks goodness Braden will have no memory of this. Sending some positive thoughts your way.

  6. I predict lots of snuggles for momma today!

  7. Praying for a smooth surgery and fast recovery! You can do it B-town! :)


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