Wednesday, November 6

Little Fox

Ok. I saw these little fox pajamas at Old Navy and they had to be mine. I mean Keaton's. Sometimes I feel like he needs something to wear that no one has pooped in yet.

 photo Print-3330_zps9fdfc49e.jpg

He was kind of a fox for Halloween too--and I knooooow he's only three months old, but in nine months, he may have a new brother. I'm just kidding. In nine months he may have a fox birthday party. Foxes are so trendy right now--hopefully that trend continues for a bit longer!

 photo Print-3337_zps7b92665f.jpg

I just love him. I love the big eyes and big smiles and the drool spots on my shoulder. XOXO.

 photo Print-3423_zps1675e7f4.jpg


  1. He is super foxy. SUPER. And sweet. And I want to snuggle him.

  2. Foxes are the new owls. And I'm glad. Owls are creepy and eat baby bunnies whole then throw up their bones. Yea foxes!

    1. There was a rabid, mangy fox in our old neighborhood... but I'm choosing to think of foxes in the debonair Disney Robin Hood sense instead.

  3. Oh my goodness - such a happy little dude

  4. He has darling expressions! Cute little foxy guy!

  5. He is so cute! Way to go getting him some new clothes :) always fun. Soon he will be able to match his older brothers. All your boys are growing up!

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