Monday, November 4

Peter Pan and his Shadow Halloween Costumes

There's pretty much an abundance of Peter Pan at our house most of the time. It started with Finley's Peter Pan birthday party in April and continued into our Disney trip. I was planning on just having all the boys be Peter Pan for Halloween, and then I suggested to Finley he could be Peter's shadow, and he was so excited. I was totally surprised he went with it!

 photo Print-3508_zps5f48608e.jpg

I pretty much just remade Finley's Peter Pan costume (that Braden is wearing) in black.  We put some of Sol's black socks over his shoes, black mittens on his hands, and I bought a black masky thing at a Halloween store to cover his face. It was kind of annoying, so he just wore it for a few pictures.

 photo Print-3445_zpse10ff345.jpg

I would have loved to get pictures of them doing shadow-y things... but I'll take playing on the slide.

 photo Print-3468_zps2c0a2070.jpg

They had a lot of fun trick or treating! Braden wanted to go inside every house and was generally discontent with the whole process--until we let him eat candy. Finley liked trick or treating--but his favorite part was after we got home and he got to pass out candy. He took the job super seriously and LOVED it. Extrovert.

 photo Print-3528_zps45485f65.jpg

Keaton was supposed to be a Lost Boy/Fox... but it was a hot costume, so he didn't wear it for long. He did wear his fox pajamas as we trick or treated, so I think that counts.

 photo Print-3568_zps351c24a5.jpg

Here's the past four Halloweens in case you have some time to kill!

Halloween 2012
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