Wednesday, November 2

Little Minions

Have you seen these little guys?

They're the minions from Despicable Me.  Perhaps a little obscure, but Carrie and I thought it was a good idea... unfortunately her minion hat didn't arrive in time for the boys to get a picture together when we were together in Charlottesville.

While in Lawrence, Braden reconnected with an old friend.  Here's Braden with his pal, Ben the Lion.

And here's me with my minions.  Sol's gone for the week, so Vic and I trick-or-treated in KC with the boys.  My camera got stuck on a very funky setting that we couldn't seem to fix... so let's pretend these pictures are awesome.

They were cute lil minions.

And here is my dear boy with his loot.  The child LOVED trick or treating.  He was pretty good about saying either "trick or treat" or "candy" when people answered the door.  His favorite part was ringing the bell at the doors and I never had to remind him to say thank you.  Unfortunately, he picked Milk Duds a lot of the time when he got to choose his candy.  Luckily, his mom doesn't let him eat much candy so we have a LOT to eat now.  He was SO EXCITED.  I can't even describe it.

And a sweet video that's also out of focus, but cute.


  1. They were really cute. Even if the photos don't do it justice. Just trust us.

  2. We wondered what the boys would do for Halloween. Gosh, we didn't have any Minions at our door, let alone cute grandson ones. Miss their sweet little faces. Glad you all are having a wonderful time.

  3. I could watch videos of your sweet boys all day long! Aww!

  4. Rachel, I just want to thank you for making my nephews have the best costume ever!! Genius :-)

  5. SO cute! I wish Finley would have come to my door!

  6. Do you want some more candy? yeahhhh. So cute!

  7. Love the minions.

    And for the record, Matthew was annoyed that I didn't put on my purple shirt for the photo in your previous post in the first place. But it still makes me smile that you changed it :)

  8. I loved the video! I would have been falling all over your little guy if he had come to my door. He could have taught the trick-or-treaters at my house how to be polite! Adorable.


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