Thursday, November 3

All Aboard

We're in Arkansas right now, enjoying all the pretty fall colors, rolling hills and the awesome snacks that my mom buys.  The highlight so far has been a little restaurant that delivers your food by train--obviously Finley was mesmerized.  I didn't take a picture of the train, but here's Finley watching it go around.

And can you believe this picture?!?  All three of us smiling!  Possibly the first of its kind.  Also we are all wearing stripes.

And my parents with the boys.

When we got home, Finley wanted to play with the train set.  He was thrilled that the set had a Thomas the Train since we don't let him watch it.  (They always seem to be grumpy and I don't like it... even if it is narrated by Alec Baldwin/Jack Donaghy.)

And two miscellaneous pictures from our time in KS that I just really love.


Oh lil stripey guys.


  1. STRIPES. You can tell you dress your children.

  2. We have a restaurant in Kansas City that has a train, also, Fritz's, just in case you need another reason to like our city.

  3. Love the photo of the three of you. Your hair looks really, really good, BTW.

    Please. Come. Home.


  4. i think stripes and smiles look great on all of you.

    also, thanks for visiting the other day. i know it was a little nutty, but what can you do. welcome to my life!

  5. Glad my mom commented on this. Also, I think its totes adorbs that Braden is staring at one of you dreamily in all these photos. It's a trend i noticed.


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