Monday, October 31

Go K-State!

Get ready for some very purple pictures.

We had a lovely weekend in Kansas and went on a whirlwind tour of most of the major cities.  We ended up in Manhattan Saturday for the big K-State game--we didn't manage to make it to the end, so I'm not sure whether we won or lost.  The boys were great--they hung out with us in the stands until we headed out in the middle of the fourth quarter.  Braden napped in my arms for a bit and Finley played under the bleachers. Weird.

(Panorama inspired by my dad.)

Finley was thrilled to be at the game.  He loved seeing all the powercats and got so excited every time he saw one (which was often!)  He also frequently commented on his K-State shirt, and mama's K-State and Daddy's K-State shirt... but not Braden's, because Braden had the messiest poop I've ever seen as we pulled into the stadium.  Poop to his ankles.  GROSS.

We got to see SO many friends thanks to Vic's family hosting a fantastic tailgate.  Here we are with my college pals (above) and my high school friends (below).  Babies are the new fashion accessory.  (Alison, I fixed your shirt!)

And here are the boys with TORI!  Don't they look thrilled?


  1. well done. even though I could have predicted most of it because I was sitting next to you when you wrote it.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks. I had my purple fleece with me, but it was too warm to wear - promise! I may have to print this version!

  3. What???? Vic!!!!! You left Anne's hand on the hip all on its lonesome....


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