Thursday, November 1

Halloween 2012

Life is funny these days--if you don't have your Halloween pictures on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter by like midnight, then you are way behind the times.  I already posted the gorgeous pictures Jenn took--but here are some official Halloween ones.  I love these little guys!

We thought we should try to get a picture with the big and little guys--I think you can tell how that went.

Someone really wanted his mama. I love this picture too much.

They were a little more cooperative with their mamas there too corral them.  Finley was concerned that I didn't put Braden's glasses on him and that he wouldn't be able to see, it was very sweet.

Before we went trick or treating we all feasted on some delicious pumpkin pancakes--I think you can imagine how much noise seven little ones made.  It was ROWDY.  Amy was a trooper for putting up with all of our hooligans.

It was (obviously) dark when we went trick or treating, so I don't have any good pictures or videos. But it was really sweet so I took some super lousy video to share with Sol since he didn't get to come with us.

Braden's vocabulary is really picking up--new words on our outing were "trick or treat" and "walk."  He totally got trick or treating and it made him furious.  He knew people were giving him treats and he wasn't getting to eat any of them.  So he was a pretty grumpy man--true to character.  Finley was great, collecting candy and most of the time remembering to say thank you! We watched last year's Halloween video to prep, and I think it paid off.


  1. Hey! Heads up, the videos play without stop. So we also got to watch the video of Braden at 18 months and you singing Baby Oh. Monica loved it. :-)

    1. It's a little Halloween gift--videos without end. I have no idea what is going on, truthfully. About anything in life.

  2. Also, crying Braden KILLS me. I straight up cracked up at his face.

  3. Very fun times! As Kenneth would say, "That's a lot of action!"

  4. Dang, you slacker! Can't believe you waited SO LONG to post about Halloween! :)

    Also, they're precious. And I adore that you appreciate the crying ones.

  5. cute cute cute, and hey ,my pics aren't up yet. deal with it, inter webs.


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