Monday, December 9

First Snow in Pennsylvania

Finley's sure it's going to snow on Christmas. Like, he's sure. And when I try to gently tell him it miiight not snow, he brushes me off and tells me that if it doesn't snow, he'll throw ice cubes in the clouds and that will fix it. So, there you go meteorology.

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It did snow on Sunday--quite a bit. Enough that we weren't able to make it to our very special train ride with Santa. And enough that they cancelled preschool tomorrow. (The first time I've been sad about a snow day...) But we did quickly go out and let the boys play for a few minutes. Like five minutes, hence the weird snow clothes. I knew they wouldn't last long. Sol got to use his snowblower and cleared the driveway super fast. And we had hot chocolate even though we were barely out long enough to get cold.

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And then I took some pictures of my baby by the tree. All the boys are at different points in a cold--and we're not having much fun. There haven't been many smiles from this guy--mostly just wiggling and fussing all.night.long. We're all going to the doctor tomorrow.  Also funny about Keaton...

 photo Print-4223_zps2779589a.jpg

When he rolls onto his belly, he really really wants his arms back by his sides like he's superman. I have no idea why. He pulls them back when you try to put them up by his face.  Which means he'll probably never learn how to crawl or walk, and he'll be my baby forever. Right?

 photo Print-4211_zpsc2397e91.jpg

I still can't believe my first baby turned into this big thing. Oh man.


  1. LOVE the family snow picture. Once, when I was 4 or 5, it snowed for the short time I lived in Austin. My mom tied plastic grocery store bags to my shoes and we used her socks as mittens. Your boys outfits are much more snow appropriate, but probably just as memorable. Yeah for snow! Maybe you'll get more in PA than in VA?

  2. So fun. And I am with the boys...5 minutes of snow is really all you need.


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