Thursday, December 19

Preschool Christmas Concert

Another preschool rite of passage--the Christmas concert. After Braden's "performance" at his Thanksgiving feast, I was a little nervous how it would go. He started off by telling us that he didn't want to go to the concert and refused to get dressed--until I told him that his clothes were just like Daddy. Then he was super excited. He walked around saying, "I'm handsome like Daddy!" for a LONG time.  Are you ready for this video of him singing? Are you???

HE DID IT!!! I have no idea why his teacher left him standing way by himself on the side of the stage, but I'm glad she did because we had a great view.  Such a proud mama. He did some of the actions and didn't run around or scream or cry. SUCCESS. And adorable.

Finley's was hilarious too--I was so impressed at the long bible verse he memorized! You'll have to forgive the shaky camera-ing... Braden was sitting next to me and kept pulling on the camera strap and being wiggly. You can also hear him asking us if he can go to Chick fil a and telling us he's dressed like Daddy.

 photo Print-4597_zps52990d5d.jpg

Also, look how cute. They were so excited about wearing belts. Such simple Christmas joys.


  1. I was not prepared for the cuteness that is that Braden video. You can tell he is trying so hard! Adorable.

  2. Love the enthusiasm from both of the boys!

  3. Cutest videos ever! Those boys get me every time!


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