Friday, December 20


At some point, I think all little boys eventually get obsessed with superheroes, right? And if it happens around Halloween, then you accidentally end up with just about every superhero costume Target has because they were on super clearance. Whoops.

 photo Print-4244-2_zpsbd0d5f92.jpg

I think they wore a total of eight costumes on this particular day. It's a lot of taking off and putting on costumes--especially for Braden who has a rather short attention span.

 photo Print-4251_zpsf1bcca13.jpg

Braden being the Hulk is my favorite. We love to say "DON'T MAKE THE HULK ANGRY" regarding Braden--since he's such a "passionate" fellow. Currently he is very "passionate" about a yellow paintbrush and little tool used to crack nuts. We're going on day three of him needing them all.the.time. Finley wants to be Batman every time--Captain America was a welcome change.

Please let us know if you ever need saving. We're ready.


  1. I just wish we could predict what BTown would be passionate about.

  2. This is what our house looks like on a daily basis. And it's not limited to Tal. We have batgirl, supergirl, spidergirl etc...not to mention all the princess costumes.

  3. Super heroes holding hands makes me swoon!!!!


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