Monday, January 13

Finley the Photographer

My shutterbug tendencies are rubbing off on Finley--we finally replaced the batteries in his old camera and he hasn't wanted to put it down since.

 photo Print-5126_zps88027328.jpg

I can't really blame him--we clearly both think Keaton is adorable. Someone needs be documenting every minute of his life, right?

 photo Print-5129_zpsab90bafa.jpg

His favorite game to play with the camera is to have me give him a color and he goes and takes a zillion pictures of red or blue or orange things. And by pictures, I mean blurry shots of like a piece of green fuzz. And lots of chopped off heads. It's precious. But, hey, it's never to early to hone your craft.

 photo Print-5127_zpse61fe00a.jpg


  1. Two posts in a row where I am the only comment? Seems exceedingly weird. You should write a post about your obsessive nature with TV and books. You've been busy.

    1. That post is already half written!

      And blog commenting is so 2013. Possibly 2012. I'm not taking it toooo personally.

  2. No offense but I think this blog could've been improved if you included Finley's photos! You cannot discuss adorable child photography like that and LEAVE US HANGING!! Your audience wants to know!!!

    1. I'm offended. JK. That would mean I'd have to figure out how to get the pictures OFF his camera... a good mom would do that.

  3. You'd probably have gotten more comments if you had. Duh.


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