Wednesday, January 29

Keaton at Six Months

Woohoo! Halfway to one! Man, that goes by fast. Every single time.

 photo 140124-5683_zps0b55e3b6.jpg

It's been fun to do the monthly pictures in a new house--by bright new windows in my favie chair and with Vic's calendar--and this month we had a few new additions. The lovely red cast, of course, and Sol happened to be home so I snuck in a few with him. And Finley snuck in one too. In a sneakier way.

 photo 140124-5658_zpse0364da4.jpg

Finley and Keaton have become buddies--Keaton thinks about everything Finley does is hilarious, and we've added "making Keaton happy" to Finley's list of chores, and he takes his job pretty seriously. In the picture on the right, Finley is trying to make the same face as Keaton. Silly boys.

 photo 140124-5825_zpsae1b502a.jpg

Sleep is still terrible--although I'm believing it's going to be a bit better. At his six month appointment they found another ear infection. So broken leg, ear infection--and then I found a tooth poking through his lower gums a few days later. No wonder he can't sleep. He just can't seem to catch a break--broken leg excluded. I'm going to consider doing some sleep training after next week--he should have the cast off and be done with antibiotics. After some VERY rough nights after the leg incident, things have gotten better (like he only wakes up four or five times a night...) but are definitely not great. Oh, sleep, I miss you.

 photo 140122-5650_zps8873caba.jpg

New developments--he's started to play with toys which is fun. He can keep himself entertained a bit longer and hopefully it's helping his little chompers feel better. He is less angry about the car, but still doesn't love it. Sometimes we arrive at our destination and I realize he didn't scream the whole way, ah, such a relief.

 photo 140124-5855_zps80ae3858.jpg

I've given him solid foods a few times and he's kind of tolerating rice cereal. Meaning he doesn't push it all out with his tongue immediately... I think he's eating some of it. We did baby led weaning with Braden and I may go that route again--it's really nice to not be the one shoveling food into their mouths and letting them do the work for you!

 photo 140122-5549_zps24dc9010.jpg

Somehow I didn't get his stats at his six month check up--although I suppose the weight was off anyways since he had a cast on. We decided to wait a few weeks on the shots since, you know, broken leg and ear infections... so I'll try to get the stats when we go back in next week.

 photo 140124-5770_zps269ef474.jpg

No scooting yet, but I've started to see him get up on his hands and knees (with the cast!) a few times, so he's ready to go somewhere. He's an expert ninja roller--he moves stealthily off his playmat quite quickly.

 photo 140124-5743_zps808173e3.jpg

I think his blue eyes are here to stay--he gets comments on them quite often, which he accepts with gummy, drooly smiles. He's a sucker for eye contact. I think he's got a bit more hair than his brothers did at this age and it seems to be more like Finley's than Braden's.

 photo 140124-5778_zpsa27d2d4a.jpg

Happy half birthday, doll! What kind of birthday party do you want? What's that? Doctor Who? OK!


  1. He is a doll! Here's to hoping for more sleep for you, Rachel, so you can keep up with those boys.

  2. At least the cast is cute! :) Sorry you haven't been sleeping, but it's good to know others don't sleep either. At 1 Annalee has been up quite a bit with an ear infection and a cold. Boo! Yay for being 6 months old!

  3. So cute! Hope more sleep comes soon!

  4. Thanks for posting all the pics! You do very well for a sleep deprived momma. Happy 1/2 Birthday Keatie!

  5. He's precious! I love your photos on the calendar. I wish I'd committed to doing something consistent like that each month. He and Sawyer sound very similar - both seem to hate the car and solid foods and both think their big brothers are the greatest. And while S has had a couple of good nights, he's not a great sleeper either - pretty sure I've been awake at some point every hour for the last 2 nights. That's what I get for bragging about him on my blog. But hey, long days, short years, right?

  6. oh hey. I tried to comment TWICE from my phone. These photos are the sweetest ever - thanks for including so many!


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