Thursday, February 13


We've gotten a lot of snow this year--our twelfth storm hit today! Snow days are a sweet gift when you are a teacher (or student!) but when you are a mom... it is not such a sweet gift. In fact, it's terrible. School is cancelled again today.  Please send spring soon!

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The golf course near our house has a pretty significant hill we took the boys sledding to on one of the VERY cold snow days--we're talking throwing boiling water in the air cold. We bundled the boys up (and in true preschooler fashion) spent more time dressing them than actually sledding. We kind of have rookie snow clothes for the boys. We made them wear fleece footie pajamas under several pairs of pants and shirts and put our ski goggles on them. They looked hilarious.

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The actual getting to the top of the hill part was really hard. I had a very bundled up (AND MAD) Keaton strapped to me at the bottom, and Sol somehow managed to get both boys and the sled up through some thick powder. Sol took Finley down twice and Braden down once. That's about all we could bear.

 photo 140122-5442_zpsffce933d.jpg

But they LOVED it. I'm so glad we went out, even if it was a ridiculous amount of time to get ready compared to the actual snow part. I have such fond memories of sledding as a little girl in Ohio and am glad we got to sneak in a snow adventure while we are lucky to live in a frozen tundra. But please, no more snow.

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