Friday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! You can't hide from it--it's everywhere. Tricking you into eating more sugar than any human needs and making you believe that you MUST make felt heart garland or Valentine's Day will cease to exist. But mainly it's an excuse to make your kids wear something red and take a picture together. (Last year!) These are a few test pictures while I was getting the settings right on my camera (the stupid light was behind them and making me sad) but can you notice what changed in the two pictures? I decided to repaper the L in LOVE because it was too light. NORMAL!!! Somehow both boys willingly parted with their sunglasses/train/stuffed animals for the real pictures.

 photo 140213-6588_zpsa6357b81.jpg

I told the boys they could have two Thin Mints if they took nice pictures and they took it SO SERIOUSLY. Look at Braden's face. He's not messing around about the cookies. He's normally above bribery, but he must have been extra hungry because he was riiiight on the edge of participating. I feel like he's saying, I'm here, but that doesn't mean I like it.

 photo 140213-6606_zps7d110cd8.jpg

And then I decided to shoot at a higher ISO. So much more light! And apparently that made them like each other a bit more. They are killing me a bit. Braden loved wearing his shirt because he was "handsome like daddy" and Finley wore his until he got the cookie. He hates button up shirts. But he LOVED the karate t-shirt under it!

 photo 140213-6668_zpsf5336699.jpg

Are you sitting down? Because the next one kills me. With a capital K. I told Braden to hug Keaton and this is what happened. Swoon. Is it too late to send out Valentine cards to everyone I ever met? My favorite part may be the way all three of them have their little feet together. (And speaking of feet, Braden's feet are bigger than Finley's. I don't even know how to deal with that.)

 photo 140213-6645_zpsa8d507c8.jpg

And because Keaton deserves a few pictures of his own with the sweetest onesie I ever did buy...

 photo 140212-6535_zps73063238.jpg

Consider my heart stolen--by all three. Plus Sol. I think he stole it first and they've been stealthily stealing pieces from him or something. Happy Valentine's Day--I hope it's filled with sugar and that you know how loved you are!


  1. Adorable! Thanks for sharing! Did you have another blizzard?

  2. Lili and I viewed this together and the word "cute" won. I love the range of expressions on Braden's face. These boys melt my heart!

  3. Cedric is OBSESSED with thin mints! I gave him half of one this week and he now asks for cookies all the time and tries to push me to the freezer for more! #thinmintsaremagic

  4. I actually noticed the L.

    And this comment is for the TV post: have you tried Raising Hope?

  5. Obnoxious photographer post - the backlighting shouldn't make you sad, it should make you very happy! BUT, you did place them right in the "dead spot" between the two sources of backlight which was making it probably the most troubling because it was the least lighted spot to put them! :) Over exposure is your friend with backlighting. Meter off their faces! Ok, photographer rant over.

    Also, omg. The mantle looks amazing. I'm not sure I'd have LOVEd it (haha) if you hadn't recovered the L ;)

  6. I think fixing the L was a VERY good call. And next year decorate in January and send me a Valentine. Those mugs of your kids are SO CUTE. Finally, let's discuss St. Pat's decorations because all of a sudden I NEED MORE SEASONAL items. St. Pat's, Mardi Gras, Easter........the coffee is hitting me hard this morning. Need to craft.


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