Thursday, June 26

Wedding in NH

Before we made our big departure from the East Coast, we traveled up the coast to spend some time in Boston and most importantly, celebrate Maya and Tom's wedding! Finley was a very dapper ring bearer and took his job very seriously, as you would expect.

 photo 140607-0497_zps422b79b7.jpg

He was so focused that he fell asleep during the (very long) homily. It was adorable and I can't wait to see the photographers' pictures of him--Sol snuck one on my phone but we tried to only be mildly obnoxious during the ceremony.

 photo 140607-0518_zps658383f9.jpg

Um... decent family picture? Finley was extremely cooperative! We clean up rather decently.

 photo 140607-0539_zpsea8da811.jpg

Seriously, this kid kind of kills me.

 photo 140607-0569_zps2b64bab4.jpg

I always have such a blast with Sol's sisters--can you tell why? The reception was amazing--on a local farm in an adorable rustic barn. They handmade all the decorations and it was so gorgeous!

 photo 140607-0674_zps23adc236.jpg

 photo 140607-0644_zps7e343f84.jpg

 photo 140607-0634_zps9905de10.jpg

The boys all did really well--Keaton loved crawling around with Westley and trying to suck on his head.

 photo 140607-0594_zpsee8824c0.jpg

One of the high points of the evening... was Finley's dancing. Um, this kid was out of control. The videos are both kind of long, but worth a few second of looking at. He clearly inherited Sol's dance moves and most definitely NOT mine.

Congrats Maya and Tom! Thanks so much for giving us a reason to get together and celebrate.


  1. Great pictures Rachels!!! Loved having you all up there! Come back and live closer to me. Thanks.

    1. I would, except you are moving... like next month. :)

  2. Braden is also doing some good work Tucker too.

  3. Finley's got some seriously sweet moves.

  4. That was so much fun! And all three of those boys like moving to the music. I think we need to have more dance parties in the future.

  5. Maya looked beautiful! You too!


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