Monday, June 30

Make Way for Ducklings... the Third Time

Well, we love these little ducks. For the third summer, we've stuck our boys on these ducks and taken some cute pictures. They are really fun to look back on because both of our Boston trips have been when Finley and Braden just turned one, so it was fun to see them all at the same age.

 photo BoysonDucks.jpg

This kid is just getting so big. We got them new Boston hats and Finley was excited about his--Braden was not.

 photo 140603-0326_zps74c9c19a.jpg

Braden was excited about the ducks though! This is his sweet hugging face. He can just be the sweetest child when he's in the mood.

 photo 140603-0322_zps85f2ab11.jpg

Keaton was just so pleased to sit on the duck all by himself. He was so giddy!

 photo 140603-0374_zps89699924.jpg

I love this picture of the three of them on the Mama duck. They're just so happy. 

 photo 140603-0309_zps6c36059e.jpg

I mean, until this one. I don't know why Keaton hated it all of the sudden, but he did. I do love this family picture. My allergies were still in full effect--hello, glasses. As always, we loved visiting Boston and all the people there that we love and miss so much. We're going to miss the East Coast so much! (I don't know why there's a large space here. #HTMLfail) photo 140603-0312_zps383ca9bc.jpg

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