Thursday, November 13

Breakfast Costumes for Halloween

After hand-making elaborate Halloween costumes the last two years, I was totally planning on letting the boys be whatever they wanted from the costumes we have lying around. I figured they'd love to be superheroes and I wouldn't have to do a thing. Unfortunately... my sweet Braden had a VERY strong opinion on his costume, and it was too cute for me not to indulge him.

 photo 141031-2484.jpg

Whenever I'd ask Braden what he wanted to be leading up to Halloween, he'd reply, "Cinnamon Toast Crunch!" And I'd laugh and forget his answer--only to go through the same thing next time I asked him. Eventually I decided to see if we could make it work--and came up with matching outfits for the rest of the crew.

 photo 141031-2456.jpg

Braden was (obviously) a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Finley was a carton of milk and Keaton was a square of cinnamon toast crunch. Sol was a spoon and I was going to be a bowl, but that ended up being too much work for me to pull together, so I was just me.

 photo 141112-2631.jpg

I was completely surprised how willing Finley was to go along with plan to be milk--he was excited about it and thought his costume was awesome.

 photo 141112-2661.jpg

Braden, however, was not thrilled with his costume. The first time he tried it on the head hole was too small and it hurt his face--so after that he REFUSED to wear it unless I bribed him. I was not about to let him get away with not wearing his costume after we built Halloween around him... :) He also fell down a few times and couldn't get up--which was kind of funny but made him a little upset. After he got in the costume, he was happy though!

 photo 141112-2757.jpg

Look at Keaton! Standing on his own! His costume cracks me up. It's basically just a large square with elastic holes on the corner. It makes me laugh and only sometimes made him cry.

 photo 141112-2699.jpg

I had the boxes printed at a local sign company and they were kind enough to assemble them too! I think they are totally amazing.

 photo 141112-2706.jpg

This second set of pictures was taken a week after Halloween--it was getting dark when we took pictures on Halloween and I didn't get a few of the shots I wanted, so I bribed them to get back in their costumes later! I literally made everyone cry during the second photoshoot. It was preeeeetttty impressive. Don't worry, we had candy after and everyone was much happier.

 photo 141112-2674.jpg


  1. Even Sol cried? That was some stressful photo session :) Seriously, I love your creative costumes, and the kids look great!

    1. Ha! Sol was at work for the second shoot--if he was there there probably would have been LESS tears!

  2. Your hair is SOOOOO long. I feel like I don't even know you anymore!

    1. I KNOOOOOW. It's always blowing in the breeze and being long an luxurious. Or something.


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