Tuesday, November 11

Fun in NYC

Part of my stress leading up to the marathon was because we were going TO NEW YORK WITH NO KIDS and I wanted to savor every single second. And eat every delicious thing in the city. We were incredibly lucky to get to stay with one of Sol's friend's sister--in a gorgeous apartment right off Central Park. We flew out of Houston early Saturday morning--but enjoyed not hauling kids through the airport and getting to sleep or do whatever we wanted on the flight.

 photo Print-2580.jpg

Sunday was pretty much dedicated to the race--but after resting and showering we headed out to Times Square to see Rock of Ages. It was a lot of fun and the perfect choice because it appealed more to the menfolk than most shows. We ate a ton of pasta at Carmine's afterwards and were full and happy.

 photo Print-2664.jpg

On Monday we WALKED. Over 8 miles. I was hurting for some of it but think it was really helpful in getting me to recover quickly. We went to the J Crew Bridal Store for me to try on dresses, had lunch at a sweet cafe and walked to LaDuree for some authentic Parisian macarons. Of course.

 photo Print-2541.jpg

I can't even tell you how fabulous it was to spend some time with my favorite dude with no one interrupting us. SO fabulous. We did a pretty impressive job navigating the city--I think we only got on the wrong train once. I normally find New York overwhelming but I enjoyed every second this time! And Sol was a great sport--pretty much everything we did was exactly what I wanted, and he humored me in letting me take pictures of ridiculous landmarks for friends and eating all the macarons.

 photo Print-2544.jpg


  1. It sort of appears like you photoshopped the bottom two photos - you both look SO similar in both photos.

    1. I was only going to post one--then I decided I liked them both and I didn't care. :)

  2. Sol is a pretty cool dude. So happy you guys got a weekend away! You deserve it! Can't wait for Boston 2016!

  3. so….did you get a dress???!!! #priorities


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