Sunday, December 28

More Disney

And a few more pictures I love. Keaton was SUCH a trooper on the trip. He was definitely the easiest kid. He was happy going on rides. He was happy watching shows. He was happy riding in the stroller. He was happy in the Ergo. He had no opinions about what to do next. He was a star. He started to get a little braver about walking--sometimes taking a few steps. He was not brave about the characters--but that meant I got extra hugs, which I'm fine with.

 photo 141121-3121.jpg

One of the cool things we did this trip was sign Finley up for the Jedi Training Academy. When its not raining, the kids get a little Jedi lesson and then get to fight Darth Vader. Of course, it was raining, so my little duck-dressed-as-a-Jedi just got to learn to fight and then take a VERY SERIOUS picture with Darth. One of the sweet cast members was doing Star Wars trivia with the kids and Finley got called out for never seeing the movies. As I type this, he's making up for lost time and watching his fifth movie. So we've reached the Star Wars phase of having boys.

 photo 141122-3249.jpg

And we'll end things with my boys watching a parade. Smee came over and pretended to fight with Peter Finn and Braden loved to see Mickey, obviously.

 photo 141121-3104.jpg

We're headed back in March with friends from high school--which seems really soon. But somehow we'll manage. We ended up getting annual passes because it was the same cost as these two trips... so Sol really wants to slide in a third trip before they expire next fall. I probably won't fight him. We're probably creating little Disney monsters...

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