Monday, February 9

Finley's 100th Day of School

Finley's 100th Day of School was last week which apparently, is a thing.  All the kids were supposed to make a shirt with 100 somethings on it. I turned Finley loose on Pinterest and let him pick something--naturally, he picked the house from UP.

 photo Print-37-2.jpg

I put dots of glue on the shirt and he stuck the pom poms on--I only had to remind him a few times to NOT put ones next to each other that were the same color. And then, being the Type A mom that I am, I didn't let him draw the house. After like eight practice sketches, I finally put Sharpie to to shirt and drew it. And it wasn't too bad.

100 Days of School UP Balloon Shirt

He really loved the shirt--and claimed that he won best shirt in his class and got a crown. Then he said that he won best boy shirt. Then he said everyone in another class won, so I really have no idea if he won or not, but I was really proud of us for a few minutes.

 photo Print-24.jpg

Braden wanted to get in on the fun too--he's going through a Daniel Tiger phase and insisted on wearing a red "Daniel Tiger" shirt. Isn't he cute? I kiss him a lot because his cheeks are still chubby. That Finley is like a bag of sharp sticks. And Braden is still like a sack of marshmallows.

 photo Print-44.jpg


  1. My sister is THE BEST at 100th day of school. 100 (temporary) tattoos. 100 puzzle pieces -- some put together and some not glued to a shirt.

  2. Um, clearly the cutest idea for 100th Day ever.


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