Friday, April 10

Easter 2015

Easter accidentally snuck up on us this year. I kept reminding myself to start our Resurrection Eggs 12 days before Easter... but I miscounted and was a week off. Oh well.

 photo 20150330-Easter-2_1.jpg

We had Braden and Keaton's pals over to dye eggs and grill out--and the kids had a blast. We dyed eggs, made resurrection rolls and ate hot dogs with much zeal.

 photo 20150330-Easter-17_1.jpg

All three of the boys had Easter eggs hunt the Thursday before Easter--pretty much all at the same time. I went with Braden and Keaton and Sol went with Finley. Braden had fun--he collected his eggs very slowly and deliberately. I was a class act mom and couldn't find an Easter baskets--so the boys all brought Halloween buckets. No one seemed to mind... but I felt a little ridiculous next to all the kids with their fancy embroidered baskets.

 photo 20150402-Easter-11_1.jpg

I wasn't sure Keaton would know what to do with the eggs--but he did! The babies either collected the eggs or they would crack the first one open and be finished. He got quite a few and was so delighted with himself! Then all the babies went back to the classroom for cookies.

 photo 20150402-Easter-46_1.jpg

On Easter Sunday, we hunted for eggs in the backyard with our neighbor, Sophie. We recycled all the eggs from the previous egg hunts... no one needed more sugar. And--spoiler alert--the candy is going to be recycled again in Braden's birthday pinata tomorrow.

 photo 20150405-Easter-4_1.jpg

We managed to take a decent picture in the drizzle after church--I wore the dress from my rehearsal dinner and managed to fit a small bump in there with me. Happy Easter to all!

 photo 20150405-Easter-27_1.jpg


  1. 1. I'm impressed your rehearsal dinner dress is still around TEN YEARS LATER. and 2. This seems about like the time you wore a blue first communion dress but probably halloween buckets are less life scarring.

  2. 1. It's Sol's favorite dress.

    2. I did have some empathy for my mother in that moment. But Finley thought the bucket was funny--so I think we're good. Four fancy buckets for next year!

  3. The first communion story lives in and on and on!


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