Thursday, June 18

Braden and Keaton's Last Day of Preschool

Technically... Braden and Keaton finished school a few weeks before we took these pictures. But my sister was in town on Finley's last day, so I slapped some matching outfits on them and recruited her to make goofy faces behind me to get them to pay attention. If you look carefully you can see Keaton's cute little gap teeth!

 photo 20150605-End of School-38-2.jpg

The boys loved their teachers. I was so grateful to be able to leave them in a place where I knew they were happy and loved. Braden protested pretty strongly the first few months of school--but eventually came around and really loved his teachers and friends in his class. Keaton disliked school even more strongly in the beginning--but by the end he practically dove out of my arms when we would get to his classroom.

 photo 20150514-End of School Soccer-24-2.jpg

Braden grew so much this year! He went to school twice a week and next year he'll go every day--in hopes that maybe he'll learn all his letters and be ready for kindergarten in a year. It was so great to see him be excited about his friends and school and his teachers... we're proud of that kid.

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He's also a decent smiler. We're very proud of that too.

 photo 20150605-End of School-100.jpg

In addition to getting all his teeth, losing two and learning to walk... Keaton also had a really great year at school. I'm not sure he actually learned anything--but he at least learned how to let other people love him and maybe how to share toys. And it gave me a chance to nap and clean the house and hopefully be a slightly better mother. He'll be going three days a week next year.

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I hadn't actually put his backpack on him until this picture--seriously, all year long I carried it. And he's now obsessed and wants to wear it all the time. Although if it has anything in it, it becomes too heavy for him and he can't really move forward. It's pretty sweet.

 photo 20150605-End of School-139.jpg

And now we're ready for summer! We have a few camps and programs lined up for the boys so I can hopefully get organized before baby number four comes along. I'm hoping to use this time well and not just nap... I'm looking forward to little arts and crafts and activities and outings. And also naps too. Let's keep it real.


  1. Man you guys have cute kiddos. Love all the pictures!!! They have grown so much in a year!


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