Thursday, June 4

Finley's Kindergarten "Graduation"

I can't believe we're wrapping up Kindergarten! Finley had a good year and really enjoyed himself. He had a few rough patches with having a hard time not chatting all the time... but the last few months seemed to go much better. He stayed on green every day and even got blue once!

 photo 20150602-Kindergarten Graduation Finley-4.jpg

His school doesn't do a Kindergarten Graduation--which I didn't realize we needed in our lives until all the cute pictures of little kids in caps and gowns popped up on my news feed. His class had a little celebration consisting of cute paper hats. They sat in rows and watched a slide show, then ate pizza. I think he's aware that he's the tiny one in class--he's told me he doesn't like it when other kids call him cute!

 photo 20150602-Kindergarten Graduation Finley-8.jpg

His self portrait makes me laugh. Also, his ability to smile is really horrible. I didn't get a picture of him with his teacher or with me--kind of a mom fail. It's my first kindergarten. I'll nail it with Braden.


  1. Finley takes after his dad... I remember some picture of Sol in high school on your fridge and he was a foot shorter than everyone else

  2. I mean, you're like a foot shorter than me. But I still love you very very very much.
    Also, Erica used to have a "green lunch" with kids who stayed on green all month. She'd take in a special green treat for them. I think elementary school is adorable!

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  4. How sweet!! I love his Kindergarten graduation photograph. Well, I am going to holiday party in Miami. Actually my son just graduated from university. So I want to throw a grand celebration party, after all he is first graduate in my family!

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