Wednesday, August 5

Family in Little Rock

We had been trying to find a place to meet up with Sol's family for months--and eventually discovered the perfect location... my parents' house! My parents were headed out of town on vacation with my brothers, so their house was vacant. It's pretty close to the midpoint between Sol's parents and Beaumont--which made it perfect! I don't think all four of our parents had been together since we got married, so it was fun to have them all overlap for a quick dinner.

 photo 20150717-untitled-10-2.jpg

The highlight of the weekend was renting a boat and tubing on the lake. Braden l o v e d it. He was in heaven. I think he was on the tube about 75% of the time we were on the water.

 photo 20150719-untitled-4.jpg

Finley was a little nervous at first, but decided it sounded fun after watching Braden go.

 photo 20150719-untitled-20.jpg

 photo 20150719-untitled-41.jpg

We had lots of snacks and swam a bit in the (lukewarm) water. I had fun even though I was verging on really really pregnant. I got in the water for a bit and tubed reeeeeaaalllly slow and almost sank. It was barely fun.

 photo 20150719-untitled-49.jpg

So much fun on the lake! The boys all had a blast and it was a nice to get a short break from the steamy temperatures. The other highlight of the weekend (not pictured...) was going to a restaurant that serves "hubcap" hamburgers. They were really big and really delicious!

 photo 20150719-untitled-62-2.jpg


  1. A lot of folks with the name Dave in the first photo.

  2. Great pictures!! You are all welcome to come back anytime!!!!

  3. For anyone planning a trip to Little Rock - Cothams (home of the hubcap burger) was featured on diners, drive ins and dives. Fun place!

  4. Love this pictures of all the grandparents!!! Miss you guys xoxo


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