Monday, August 24

Finley is Six!

I kind of can't believe this kid is six. But you know what? Six is pretty fun. It's so fun to watch him figure things out and learn about how the world works.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-311.jpg

He continues to be our tiny guy at 42.5 inches (6%) and 39 pounds (10%).  I still don't think he totally knows that he's pint sized... he sure makes up for it with his chattiness! He's got endless energy and curiosity and can wear me out with his constant chatter and questioning. I'm hoping those traits serve him well as he grows up! He loves Legos and Star Wars. He's a great reader and loves to learn. He plays so sweetly with Braden and is generally a very good big brother. 

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-309_1.jpg

I've recently recruited him to be in charge of buckling Braden into his carseat. I need a nap every time I think about getting the kids in and out of the car. The fact that Finley can help with Braden is huge! Finley is a huge help around the house--he loves moving the laundry, washing dishes and unloading the dishwasher. And I can generally convince him to help with just about anything else I need help with. He's very motivated by earning money so he can buy more Lego sets...

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-288_1.jpg

He's excited about the new baby and is pretty set on naming the baby something from Star Wars. He's recently decided that he doesn't want a sister after all--hopefully he can change his tune if we do have a girl! He loves to sing to my belly and feel the baby kick. I'm excited to see him be a big brother at six--its so different than being a big brother at four!

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-297.jpg

We love this kid so much--I'm so grateful for everyday where he comes up to give me unsolicited kisses and hugs... even the times he sneaks out of bed for "just one more kiss and hug." He has such a sweet heart while also being 100% light saber wielding boy. Love you, Finn!

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